Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

Sell yourself (short).

Threadbare and Mink (Pink) (above) are going on loan to UCA to decorate the boardroom, so I may or may not get them back in a year's time...

And the following paintings are going off to the UCA Pop Up Gallery in Chatham (which does mean they will be for sale), more on that in a few weeks time.

Right in the Dark
Left in the Light

Implicated Nausea
Arousal or Infection

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock.

Despite the wine running dry and the burgers looking somewhat questionable, the degree show private view was a hit. As it was so hectic I'd recommend taking another look this week as its possible to actually step back from the works to view them properly without being bumped into.

My works in situ:

Left to right on top: Concrete Mixer, Right in the Dark, Left in the Light, Mink (Pink), Threadbare

Bottom row: Out of Whack, For the Masses, Infection or Arousal            and Implicated Nausea.
(Some might say it is too busy and over-hung, I might disagree..)

Some last shots of the show for your viewing pleasure...

So, what's next? The work all comes down on the 10th, and that is the end of my education at UCA. However it won't be the last time you see my work in the Herbert Read Gallery. (Watch this space). Now to attempt to enter the real world and find employment whilst still making work... 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

"Who thinks B. A. Honours is a member of the A-Team?"

Corinne Tillman
@ Jerwood Space
So, last Friday saw visits to:
  • Paul Housely's 'A Maid for Paint' @ Poppy Sebire Gallery - mostly oils on canvas, (but I found the Boosh-like cardboard mask the most interesting).
  • The Jerwood Painting Fellowships @ the Jerwood Space.
  • The new Kate MacGarry gallery in Shoreditch for the Florian Meisenberg show. Very playful, what more can I say? I enjoy a moustache or three.
  • A Sort of Night to the Mind @ Arch 402 Gallery. With a discussion on the materiality of paint and curatorial ideas with Moyra Derby and Bob Matthews.
  • Then finally a new 'YBA' show @ Limoncello; as you walk into the cramped space your feet are pleasantly greeted by a spongy carpet at least...

A Sort of Night, Roger Kelly
@ Arch 402
 Installation view, Florian Meisenberg
@ Kate MacGarry

Talking of exhibitions, (as if it needs mentioning again) the UCA Degree show private view is this Friday 6 -9 pm.